Industry Leading Concrete Technologist Expert in Low Carbon Concrete Tailored MIX Design Sustainable and Recycled Materials

Innovative tailored concrete Mix design

for optimised and sustainable outcomes

We provide our expertise in creating custom high performance concrete mix designs that are ideal for your construction project. We are driven by our commitment to sustainability and innovation and our team of experts helps translate your project requirements to practical and optimal concrete mixes. 

Our service includes technical support throughout the project lifecycle to ensure successful application of the tailored concrete solution. We also provide material data analysis, statistical analysis of raw materials  and quality control of your bespoke concrete solution from start to finish. 

Our on-site technical support guarantees the seamless implementation of concrete solutions, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and continually optimise performance throughout the project’s lifecycle. 

Expert Concrete Mix Design Consultation

Our expert consultation and advisory services, help you in making informed decisions related to concrete selection, application, and optimisation.

On-site Technical Support Availability

Our on-site technical support is offered throughout the project lifecycle, and guarantees seamless implementation of our concrete solutions.

Sustainable and low carbon solutions

Our concrete solutions focus on sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance energy efficiency and ecological footprint of projects.

Expertise in Concrete and Innovative Materials

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of concrete materials, aggregates, cement and admixtures.

How we do it?

Sustainability and innovation in the mix

Our Concrete Mix Designs Service has innovation and sustainability at its core with a clear objective to reduce carbon footprint and work towards Net Zero targets.

Optimised Concrete Mix Design

Employing good design practices to reduce excessive use of materials and concrete is always the first step in the process.

Use of Innnovative Cements and SCMs

Using waste by-products, blended cements and others naturally occurring materials that have smaller carbon footprints.

Recycled Aggregates in the mix

In addition to reduced transport needs and emissions, using recycled aggregates delivers lower embodied carbon in the mix.

Steel Mesh Replacement

Replacing steel mesh with sustainable alternatives to reduce carbon footprint of concrete as well as project cost and time .

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